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Site hacked

Networkforums was hacked. We lost many of the files to download. Give us a couple days and we will have most of the downloadadble files back on the site.

Latest release of tac_plus

tac_plus v4.5b9 released. This release support LDAP and LDAPS. There is support for Microsoft AD. Have not been fully tested. Change Web UI 1.5 config.php to support LDAP authentication.


Password storage is increased to support 256-byte encryption protocols. Additional changes to support 64-bit operating systems.

NAS enable fixed

Bugs found in both tac_plus and webui which prevented this feature from working. Please download the latest releases of both.


This release fix the major issue with running out of file descriptors. There are other minor fixes and additions that are not worth mentioning but can be read in the notes at the top of the each file.

User Accounts

Many user accounts were deleted from the database by mistake. Please re-register is you cannot login.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

WebUI 1.5b6

This release have many additions and fixes. Please read the notes before downloading.

WebUI 1.5b5

Release of WebUI. Many bug fixes and not much enhancements. This version requires you are using tac_plus-4.5b6 minimum. If not, please upgrade to this version.

Thanks for using our products.

Multi-Router Looking Glass code

Sorry about the delay on adding this to the download page. There are no manuals on using the code. However, there are tidbits on how to use within the config files.

Thanks for using our products.

tac_plus 4.5b8-1 source code

This release have patches to 4.5b8. The major fixes includes PAP login (F5 Networks), PPP Authorization, and CLOSE_WAIT. There are a few cosmetic and minor fixes which are noted in the release notes.

Thanks for using the products.

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